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Written by  2014-09-04

Start an online store to expand your retail sales

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If you already enjoy a well trafficked retail sales location, then you’re often in a great position to augment and support that business by opening an online store.

Retail sales can be seasonally based in its peaks and valleys, whereas online sales is not dependent on local climate nor geographic vicinity and therefore has a flatter profile to offset local annual volatility.

Often, rent and other overhead expenses are flat, themselves.

So if you can gear part of your product line to online sales, you have the opportunity to stabilize your short term cash picture, while increasing, as well, overall business sales.

Increasing, year-round sales demand eventually helps streamline practices for manufacture, warehousing, shipping as well as the overhead of more substantial year-round support staff.  In general, these are areas where the stronger sales/cash picture leads to more efficient uses of such resources, i.e., “greater economies of scale”.

- Jeff Bullock


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