Written by  JS Bullock 2014-09-11

Does your business need a unique and contemporary online image?

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To go with your office, business cards and brochure, today it’s a no brainer that you need a mobile-effective website and a social networking presence to project a professional image.

I spend much time researching new technologies and predicting trends. I select well-supported platforms that put you in control and allow you to easily move from host to host and remain independent.

I also have lots of good design ideas that will make you stand out. I will deliver you a 100% working website, which has all the features you asked for.

Finally, I put together websites rapidly and use well-tested professional templates and the Joomla! Content Management Framework. This environment allows me to create and deploy your website quickly. When I’m finished, you can use the Joomla! environment yourself to add and change your website content and easily move your website from one host to another anytime you want.

Even though I use popular, well supported templates and tools, I also am very familiar with the nuts and bolts behind the platform, i.e. HTML, XML java/javascript/jscript, DOM, CSS, PHP and MySQL to name the elements I regularly customize to create a unique look for you which makes an effective impression. As well, I’ll make sure your website is responsive, i.e. displays and works effectively on mobile phones as well as PC’s Laptops and tablets.

Your website will become the hub that wires together your social network.

- Jeff Bullock


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