Written by  JS Bullock 2014-09-12

Does your web presence need upgrading?

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To stay successful, a business needs their website to keep up with traffic, sales, expanding needs and changing trends.

If they are not being met by the outdated, bootstrap website which you started with, it’s time to upgrade.

Better than having static webpages and scripts that take time to edit and expand, the new trend, which supports rapid development, is to use a popular content management system. The actual web pages in such a system are generated on-the-fly rather than needing to be stored on the server. They are generated when the user accesses the server by script code and data bases. The CMS itself is a set of standard scripts and data which are reused. As well, the style, layout and elements that go into website behavior are stored in packages of custom scripts called templates. Together with the user interface called is the backend, creating website content is made much easier, and doesn’t involve as much coding with html.

My choice for the best CMS is currently Joomla! – a very popular platform which is easy to install on most linux hosting services that support cPanel, PHP and MySQL.

Be wary of hosting services and consultants that want to write your website code in a programming language like C#, C++, etc. If you go this route, you will be dependent on their coding or at least always require the services of a programmer to maintain and add content to your website.

When you use a popular, well-supported CMS environment, you can learn to add content rapidly, yourself. You are not tied to a given hosting service or consultant/programmer. If you want to hire someone else to maintain your website, it will be much less expensive to do so. If you are not happy with your hosting service anymore, it will be easy to find a better one and move your website.

I will help you migrate your existing system to a more effective environment fit for your growing business.
 I’ll make sure that your website makes a bold impression on mobile phone users and social networkers as well as incorporating the latest techniques to maximize your search engine ranking.

If your website has lots of data to migrate, I have the experience to make that transition smooth and effective.

- Jeff Bullock


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