Written by  JS Bullock 2014-09-14

Killer Guitar Components

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Killer Guitar Components
Killer Guitar Components JS Bullock

Killer Guitar Components New Online Store!

I’ve done considerable work for the Rick and Sandy Peek, owners of KillerGuitarComponents.com, upgrading their website. My latest focus has been on completely overhauling their online shop with a new template system, one-click checkout, and all new graphics, which were mostly designed and created by me. My work also went into migrating their old data, which included sales history and customer lists as well as the information and photos of several hundred products. Checkout in particular the 16 new ads that grace the banner of their online shop at: http://killerguitarcomponents.com/store, the graphics of which I created in Adobe Photoshop. I photographed new products and augmented hundreds of their old photos, upgrading the professionalism of the overall website. I also added a new alternative menu system that indexed the products by guitar make/style.


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